|denielle’s work history|

IMDB LINK: http://imdb.com/name/nm2524903/


Sound Mixer:

Lone Survivor – Second Unit (2012)
Director: Peter Berg

A Holly Holm Documentary (2012)
Director: Arnie Lerner
– Mixer and Boom

989 Productions: Fixing America – Documentary (2011)
Director: Anthony Ambrosino
– Mixer and Boom

“Us” The Movie: Us (2010)
Director: Sam Hancock

A Bronx Cheer Production: The Normals (2010)
Director: Kevin Connors

Pharmacy Films: Dreams From a Petrified Head (2010)
Director: Dan Ouellette

Girls Gotta Eat Entertainment: After (2009)
Director: Pieter Gaspersz

The Next World, LLC:  Kaboom! (2009)
Director: Greg Araki

Dunson Entertainment, LLC:  Elle – A Modern Cinderella Tale (2009)
Director: Sean and John Dunson

Skoorbyland Productions:  Subprime (2009)
Director: Brooks Campbell

Sixunder7 Films:  Tranquillity (2009)
Director: Damon Taylor

Sixunder7 Films: Vengeance Man (2009)
Director: Brian Hanson

Stags, LLC:  Stags (2008)
Director: James Greenberg

Heterosexuals, LLC: Heterosexuals (2008)
Director: Robert McCaskill

Independent Documentary: Russian Women in NYC (2008)
Director: Elena Beloff

Pureland Pictures, LLC:  Toe to Toe (2008)
Director: Emily Abt

Independent Documentary: Women (2008)
Director: Levan Koguashvili

Good To Be Seen Films: iMurders (2008)
Director: Robbie Bryan

AGS Production:  Another Gay Sequel (2007)
Director: Todd Stephens

Boom Operator / Sound Utility:
Dark Sky Productions, LLC: Plague Town (2007)
Director: David Gregory

TV/ Industrials / Commercial / Web Content:

Sound Supervisor & Sound Mixer

8th Wonder Entertainment: Master of the Mix  (Season 2 – Reality TV 2011)

Sound Mixer & Boom Operator:

Lerner Films: Presbyterian Hospital Commercials (2011-present)
Director: Arnie Lerner

GRACE a FRED Production & TEN 100: Rebelutionaries >30 (TV 2010)
Director: John Dorsey

Reel Productions: Tight (Reality TV 2010)
– Episodes 1-12

Replica Productions: GMMB Industrial/Event Coverage (2010)
– Initiative For Global Development – Fall Forum

Replica Productions: Warner Chilcott – Pharmaceutical (2010)

Replica Productions: Various Novartis Content (2010)
– Live Web Streaming/Conferencing; Internal Structural Documentation; WebMD Live Q&A

Replica Productions: The Nielson Company (2010)
– NYC Advertising Week – Conference Coverage; Web Content

Replica Productions: NCR Internal Broadcasts (2010)

Replica Productions: Rhone Rangers – Pnemonia’s Last Syrah – Event Coverage (2010)

Sound Mixer:
Real Productions: Samsung Web Advertisement Series (2008)

Real Productions: Mucinex Industrial (2008)

CIAD Production: Paper Show Webisodes (2008)

Boom Operator / Sound Utility:
Maysles Films: InvestTools Infomercial Shoot (2006)


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