Recorder/Mixer: Zaxcom Fusion 10
Mixers: Sound Devices 442
Boom Microphones:
Schoeps CMIT 5U
– Sennheiser 416 P48
Wireless Microphones:
– (1) Lectrosonics 400a
(4) Lectrosonics 200
LAV Microphones:
(6) Countryman B6
(2) k-Tek Boom Poles
Lectrosonics UMCWB Multicoupler
(2) Sharkfin Antennas
TS-C Smart Slate
Dumb Slate
IFB: four sets
Phantom Power Box
Dynamic Handheld Microphone: Shure VP64
Battery Distribution System
(2) Mixer-to-Camera Breakaway Cables
50 Foot XLR Cable
25 Foot XLR Cable
50 Foot BNC Cable
3 Foot XLR Cable
(7) 1 Foot XLR Cables
Various Connectors and Equipment Accessories
(3) Pelican Cases
Sound Cart


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